This is how we do it:

We got you covered

Uncertain times, with unexpected shutdowns, do not stand in the way of making your project happen. If it becomes necessary, we will move the production to another location with minimal disruption.

Network of partner studios and producers around the world

Tried, tested, responsible and respected producers set up the shoot under our guidance, in direct contact with you, our clients.

Impeccable Safety

Remote shoots protect our clients. All crew and personnel on set will be given strict health and safety instructions prior to the shoot, and will be monitored by qualified specialists at all times.

We provide Personal Protective Equipment for each crew member.

We update our procedures regularly, according to WHO regulations and situation in each country.

This is how we do it:

Full control over the creative process

Casting, location scouting, documentation, approval of costumes and set designs will take place via encrypted messaging platforms.

Live set in your living room

The video is streamed live. It’s like sitting in the Green Room, but in your living room.

The client, director and the agency will be in constant contact with the assistant director and the producer on set, every step of the way.

We arrange the shoot to accomodate all time zones of people involved in the project.

You receive the technology

You connect with the set using a special platform via a web browser, or a computer / tablet app that we provide. No special hardware or registration needed.

Transmission from the camera and around the camera

There will be an additional camera placed in the studio so each person on the other end can easily observe the process around the main camera.

Subscribe to Covid-19 Production Alerts

Get first hand information on video production.

Know where to shoot, how to shoot, and the newest safety recommendations.

Editing during the shoot

Our world class editors will provide a rough cut during the shoot.

Enough with the hard drives

We have two solutions. Ultra fast data transfer through IBM Aspera, and traditional, slower FTP with a password protected login.

From “That’s a wrap” to the launch

We have the highest quality  post production and sound capabilities.

We work with the best artists in the industry, cutting out post production and sound studio mark ups.